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Conference of the American Medical Directors Association

Desmond O’Neill is a consultant in geriatric and stroke medicine in Dublin, and immediate Past-President of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society,

 Washington in spring is a visual treat, the spectacular arrays of cherry trees in bloom adding a frothy filigree to the sober magnificence of the iconic National Mall. Add blue skies and crisp spring weather, and it is not surprising that crowds flock to its Cherry Blossom Festival at weekends in March and April. Continue reading

Why consider fat distribution in older patients?

This post has been published by kind permission of the British Geriatrics Society Bloggers and the original paper was published in the Age & Ageing Journal

The original author, Dr Francesco Fantin is Assistant Professor for Geriatric Medicine, University of Verona, Italy.

The waist-hip ratio (WHR) helps to identify the type of fat distribution of our patient

It is known that ageing is associated with a progressive increase in fat mass, in particular visceral adipose tissue, and a decrease in the peripheral subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Several studies have shown the protective role of gluteo-femoral fat for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. In the last issue of Age and Ageing we showed that arteries are less stiff in women with high levels of gluteo-femoral fat, whereas the arterial stiffness in subjects with high visceral fat mass was higher. These findings confirm and highlight the importance of fat distribution in older post-menopausal women. Continue reading