The first TNT Geriatric course in Israel

 June 27th-28th  2013

Alumni of the first TNT GER course in Israel

Alumni of the first TNT GER course in Israel

35 physicians practicing in the community as family practitioners or in home services for the elderly, as well as several internists and geriatricians practicing in general and geriatric hospitals, participated in two intensive days of the first TNTGER ( Total Nutrition Therapy- Geriatrics)  in Israel.

The course was started with the pre-test and the every participant could find the subjects that he needs to be improved. After two days of lectures given by five graduates of previous TNTGER courses and intensive workshops the post test have demonstrated that the much information and better altitude to clinical nutrition and geriatric medicine has been implanted in the participants.

There were three main items that the course contributed to the participants in three main items:

  1. Knowledge of clinical nutrition in the elderly patient.
  2. Knowledge in geriatric medicine mainly the role of sarcopenia and frailty.
  3. Continuity of care in the old patient, from the viewpoint of nutrition and sarcopenia.

The workshop gave the participant the opportunity to practise and assimilate all three aspects of the course.

In Israel there are around 400 graduates of the general TNT cours,e many of them geriatricians, internists and other physicians. We have used the experience of running these courses with the sponsorship of ABBOTT.

The course was headed by Prof. Yitshal Berner, head of Geriatric Medicine in Meir Medical Center, and Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, who had contributed to the building of the TNTGER as one of EUGMS consultanst to the course and one of the graduates of the first TNTGER course in Spain.  His contribution was the wide overview of geriatric medicine and clinical nutrition from his previous experience as the founder and first president of the Israel Society for Clinical Nutrition,(ESPEN member organization), and former president of the Israel Society for Geriatric Medicine.(EUGMS observer organization).

The other four instructors, all graduates of the TNTGER course in London, were:

  1. Dr. Lea Aharoni- family practitioner and geriatrician, the head of the Community Section of the Israel Society for Geriatric Medicine, her special contribution to the program was in bringing geriatric problems mainly in the community.
  2. Dr. Eyal Leibovitch- senior internist, whose special contribution was in the understanding the problems of the old patient during’ after’ and before acute hospitalization and building nutritional program.
  3. Dr. Yevgeni Merzon- family practitioner with special interests in clinical nutrition, contributes mainly in the nutritional problems in the community and how to deal with them.
  4. Dr. Doron Netzer- family practitioner and deputy director of general hospital , his special contribution was in bringing web tools un order to solve nutritional problems in the community and in the hospital.

The course took place under the hospitalization of ABBOTT company, who sponsors the TNT course for decades, and now the TNTGER program. Local scientific  cover was  of the Israel Society for Geriatric Medicine, mainly its Community Section, and the Israel Society for Family Practice. The graduates 20 CME points of the Israel Medical Association Scientific Council.

The graduates decided to keep contact as a group through the web, and to discuss problems in Geriatric Nutrition and Geriatric Medicine among themselves and with the help of the instructors.

The course was very successful. We are looking forward to run more courses in Israel with family practitioners, internists and geriatricians. By discussion in the TNTGER program, among the different medical professions, we do to improve the care for the elderly in Israel.

Prof. Yitshal Berner