EUGMS Website and EUGMS Blog

Dr Arturo Vilches-Moraga is a geriatrician based in Vigo in Northwest Spain. He serves on the Executive Board of the EUGMS and is the EUGMS Website Director.      

The EUGMS has three websites:blog_tree

  • Main EUGMS website:
  • This one, the EUGMS Blog
  • The EUGMS Congress website (which is controlled and run by the congress secretariat, as the forefront of Geriatric Medicine in Europe, receives on average over 9000 visits per month from Geriatricians across Europe, Asia, The Americas, Africa, Australia and Oceania.  We envisage our website as the place to visit when you want to find out what is happening in Geriatric Medicine in Europe but also as the communication platform for Geriatricians.

The EUGMS website maintains a dynamic appearance due to regular updates that incorporate news, reports and documents relevant to European Geriatricians such as “Older Europeans and the European Court of Justice”, “Untie the Elderly – Zero tolerance of restraint” or “a report from the Aortic Valve Diseases joint AGS/EUGMS symposium held in Dallas on May 3rd 2013”. Likewise, we publicise meetings and courses felt to be of interest to trainees and fully trained geriatricians e.g. European Delirium Association Scientific Congress, European Innovation Partnership on Active and healthy Ageing conference or the International Multidisciplinary Forum on Palliative Care.

Non-front page material is also constantly renovated as new working groups surface and special interest group work advances. Examples of this renovation include reports from the palliative care and the Sarcopenia group and a power point archive including awarded presentations from our annual congresses. One further initiative launched this year was the “seminal papers area” which is a repository of useful resource papers provided by different national societies such as Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey or the United Kingdom. The site also includes a national profiles map incorporating up to date information from EUGMS member nations (history and training in Geriatric Medicine, research, work opportunities, Society composition and contact details)., This is our Blog, supported by Dr. Riitta Antikainen and Prof. Desmond O´Neill, and is the EUGMS initial response to a worldwide web moving onto social media. Our aim is to use this platform as a bridge for geriatricians to communicate, facilitating pan European networking and research. The material is primarily scientific and appealing to geriatricians; receiving a good deal of traffic and expanding its followers on a steady rate., is the website for our forthcoming 10th EUGMS Congress (“Geriatric Medicine Crossing Borders”) which is organized in cooperation with the annual Dutch “Geriatriedagen” and will be held from 17-19 September 2014 in De Doelen congress centre which is located in the city of Rotterdam.

Please, feel free to come and join us on the web and as they say …                                             watch the space, as new developments are on the way.