Doctors wanted in Kainuu!!!

Take a map and find the Finnish eastern long border between Finland and Russia. Let your finger run up north, you are going to pass the beautiful lake district, move up more, you come to the waist of Finland, the narrowest part of Finland. You are in Kainuu.

Yesterday I met a teacher from Kainuu, born there, working there, parents and grandparents have been living there and now his son is studying at University to be a teacher in Kainuu, Suomussalmi. People get older, younger people may leave for South Finland to avoid unemployment.

The teacher is also a member of local council and he did not have very much understanding, why doctors do not want to settle in Suomussalmi. There is everything that anyone needs, he added: the population is 8,900 and the area of 5,857.59 square kilometers of which 587.03 km² is water. You have enough space, 1.7 people are living /km2. The distance to the next town is about 100km. If you want to enjoy the peace of nature, just walk there in the middle of nowhere, you are able to walk tens of kilometers without seeing any building or anyone. The teacher spent his free time on his cottage in the deep wilderness, without electricity (in the summer you do not need lights), without any drinking water if you don’t carry it, reindeers, mosquitos, bears as your company.

Thus there is everything and still, the doctors do not want to enjoy it. If a doctor from more dense areas in the EU would like to test this kind happiness, please call the teacher. He promised to make all arrangements, not only a flat and a nice small hospital for you, but also show you the best cloudberry mosses, invite to you to the local hunting club, teach you to bake the local rye bread and ski, cross country or downhill, and invite you to his cottage whatever.

By the way, 99% of your patients speak Finnish!


Riitta Antikainen