Who pays for my care?

Today working, tomorrow old and retired!

We have to learn a lot of things about how we should live today if our ambition is to became healthy old persons later. The Finns as European people are getting older. Who will take care of us then later? The post-war baby boom babies are now older adults, going to be more or less in the need of care. In Finland, we happy taxpayers pay progressive taxes for the state- the more you earn, the more you pay, in principle. Additionally we pay taxes-about 20% of income-for the community. The same amount for all people, not really the same, but anyway.

The have calculated that if we are going to keep the health and nursing care at the same level, after 10-20 years we need to pay additional 40% more taxes-which is not possible.

Previously but no longer, there was a law in Finland obligating children to take care of parents similarly to the laws in some middle-European countries? Which children, we may ask? In this country 85% of women are working outside of homes, so there hardly is capacity additionally to give a whole day to care for sick parents. And on the other side, happy high tax payers expect that their education, health care and care of the elderly are taken care by the government, as promises were given.

You may not have savings when you are old and sick but in Finland you very often own your home. You could buy the care and pay for it by selling your home. A good idea, but what happens to the people who do not own any flat or who live longer than expected and calculations based on the price of the home are not working any longer?

To buy nursing insurance, as you buy a travel insurance? Some people are going to lose their luggage, some do not, and however, all are paying. Similarly, someone is going to lose his/her life-thus a part of their insurance investment will be used by the survivors and for their care. Fair?…

Riitta Antikainen