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EUGMS Website and EUGMS Blog

Dr Arturo Vilches-Moraga is a geriatrician based in Vigo in Northwest Spain. He serves on the Executive Board of the EUGMS and is the EUGMS Website Director.      

The EUGMS has three websites:blog_tree

  • Main EUGMS website:
  • This one, the EUGMS Blog
  • The EUGMS Congress website (which is controlled and run by the congress secretariat, as the forefront of Geriatric Medicine in Europe, receives on average over 9000 visits per month from Geriatricians across Europe, Asia, The Americas, Africa, Australia and Oceania.  We envisage our website as the place to visit when you want to find out what is happening in Geriatric Medicine in Europe but also as the communication platform for Geriatricians. Continue reading

Timo Strandberg awarded chair in geriatric medicine

Professor Jean-Pierre Michel is President of the EUGMS 

Prof Timo Strandberg

Prof Timo Strandberg

EUGMS President-Elect Timo Strandberg, MD, PhD, gave his inaugural lecture for the Professorship of Geriatrics at the University of Helsinki, Finland on May 29, 2013.

 his lecture was “How to live healthy up 100 years”. After the solemn  lecture, professor Strandberg tried to behave up to his teachings: good mood, some champagne and a bit healthful Mediterranean and Nordic diet.