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One Week Last October

Anthony Fiorini, Consultant Geriatrician and Senior Lecturer, Clinical Chairperson of the Department of Geriatrics, Malta tells us about his week.


I am an early riser by nature, not because of advancing age! Household chores are finalised, then a quick swim in a nearby indoor pool. By 7.30 am I am on the road, crawling to work.

The 8 km car journey takes half an hour. Malta is the EU’s most densely populated country and it feels like everybody is driving to work at this time!

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Tomorrow’s Geriatricians…Coming to A Team Near You

Danielle Ní Chróinín is a Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine and an enthusiastic educator. The degree to which geriatricians are involved in the community in Europe varies from country to country, but in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland community geriatrics is becoming an increasing element of the geriatrician’s work. (This article has been re-blogged from the British Geriatrics Society blog).


Would you be a geriatrician? It’s not a hard question for some of us to answer. Challenging, rewarding, dynamic; every day brings new stories, new lessons, new opportunities to share in the life of each older person who comes under your care. But for students on the path to becoming doctors, geriatric medicine may not be a preferred career choice. Yet these very students are potentially the colleagues we’ll have tomorrow. So who may want to be a geriatrician, and why? Continue reading